How to utilise your time in Quarantine: Travel Edition

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With such a deadly virus around the corner, we’ve been requested to socially distance ourselves from our friends and colleagues, and stay at home.

We understand what you must be going through right now, although important, self-isolation, or quarantine, is definitely a very bewildering experience for those of us who are fond of travelling throughout the year. Let’s channel that unspent energy doing interesting and productive things, such as:

  1. Make lists: Make a list of the destinations you’ve always wanted to travel to. It should be extremely unique, and not full of all those mainstream travel destinations. Update your travel bucket list!
  2. Make a Travel Journal: All you need is a Diary, and maybe a printer. Write about your recent travel, and your favorite moments during your trip.
  3. Take Virtual tours of Galleries and Museums: Travel, albeit virtually, to your favorite destinations, or explore the places you haven’t been able to physically travel to, all with the help of Google Street View, and Google Virtual Tours available for Google’s own and other VR headsets.
  4. Play Board Games, regardless of how old you are: Still have Life, Monopoly (the Board or the Cards), or Suffolk? Wipe the dust off them, and get your friends and family supposedly stuck with you, to sit together and play your heart out!
  5. How about an Online Course in a Foreign Language: Head over apps like Duolingo to start learning that language which has always fascinated you? Spanish, German, Italian, French, the list just never ends.
  6. Read those Travel Magazines, and Books: It is high time you start reading all those guides, travel mags, books you’ve been storing over the years. Even if you haven’t, take your laptop, or your Tablet, or your phone, and download Newsstand apps like Magzter, Kindle and others and a cheap subscription can get you access to all your favorite magazines. Loosen your pocket a little, it’ll help you pass your time while increasing your knowledge.
  7. Movie Nights with a Twist: Want to watch a movie but already exhausted all available offerings? Why not watch travel documentaries, and have wonderful never experienced before tours, helping you plan your future travels. Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ all have a wonderful collection. All time favorites include Expedition Happiness, Tales by Night, Wild and Elsewhere.
  8. Emulate a Picnic Indoors: Wanting to sit down with family and talk, why not utilize your terrace, or your balconies for the same. Yes, we know it won’t be as good as its outdoor cousin, but at least you’ll have a reason to cook delicious foods and prepare drinks with all the supplies you’ve been stocking up for weeks. Decorate your surroundings to get more into it.

Staying at home for such a long period of time may prove tiresome and monotonous, but that’s more of a reason to take up to the challenge – with plenty of things to do to remain productive. Don’t forget to wash your hands at regular intervals and use anti-bacterial wipes for things that you touch or use very often. Taking hygiene seriously is a key factor behind fighting this pandemic and is very important to take care of yourselves.

Stay safe readers, there’s a world left to travel to!

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